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Owner Operated since 1987

The question constantly arises, “Do you use chemicals?” How about the answer to that, be the truth about responsible cleaning!

If you’re looking for transparency, the answer is yes we do! That’s true with ALL carpet, tile, grout, stone, upholstery, and wool rug cleaners around the world! They may not have told you! Did you know? We need detergents to break down the surface tensions of soils in flooring and fabrics just as we need dish detergent, personal hygiene cleansers, toothpaste, etc as a first step in getting things clean. We all know from basic schooling, cleaning with water (earths most universal solvent…and chemical), by itself won’t emulsify soils/oils completely on its own. Companies that lead consumers to believe otherwise have compromised their integrity to get a foot in the door to make a buck. Thus the reasoning of why carpets seem to get dirty faster after a cleaning. Make no mistake, weather organic or not, detergents/cleansers (chemicals), are a necessary part of any cleaning. It doesn’t matter if we’re cleaning carpets, tile, stone, leather, silk, wool, cotton or synthetics, it’s cleaned with detergents first (specific to fiber and customer request) then rinsed out with no residues left behind (sound familiar with personal hygiene processes?). Additionally, it’ll set your mind at ease knowing the cleansers we use to emulsify soils are far less toxic than what consumers use to bathe in, brush with, and wash dishes and clothes in.  Furthermore, our cleaning agents are compatible with one another, never dangerous in your home, and all soluble into our high heat steam rinse process, that extracts both cleansers and soils away to our fully self contained service van! By the way, did we mention we use our own water for your job? Yes! It’s fully self contained!  It’s another unforeseen expense to ask about that few companies offer. There are no surprises with our charges or  “illusions of clean” in our manufacturer approved process. We clean smart, we clean deep, we clean thorough, we clean in tight spots and beyond where other systems are capable. We do it safely, we do it with care, and we do it with passion, so your product will stay clean as prescribed. We are very much a nuts and bolts operation. Your questions will be answered when you call and backed by searchable facts! Our advise: In addition to the company, shop the individual that will be in your home. Does the person/company use cleansers responsibly and are they educated in terms of their compatibility so there are no effects from cleansers after the cleaning (no residues or toxins). What’s included with the cleaning, what process do they use, how is it performed, is it a commissioned employee, what’s the techs history (background checked, education, time served as a cleaner, personal testimonials…?)

Get to know Start Fresh Restoration

You may remember us as “Carpet Connoisseurs” however we changed the name some years ago to better suit the diversity of our ever growing services to meet the needs and demands of today’s business.

We’ve got it down, it makes us happy and we have 30 years experience in our bag of tricks. We are up to date on all materials that manufacturers supply the public with for cleaning and we work closely with manufacturers guidelines to assure our cleaning methods are compliant with their product and therefore able to uphold their warranties. THIS MEANS YOU WILL HAVE NO RESIDUES (ZERO RES) left in or on your materials upon completion of work other than H20. You’ll get a two person crew at no extra charge and it’ll always be myself and my wife Tami at your service, because we like it that way! If urine or extreme staining of any kind is your issue, browse through the site and relax…we’re known for having the knowledge to remove the most stubborn stains on on any carpeting, rugs or upholstery fabric. We are very passionate about our work and your satisfaction and are known for our ability to succeed where most have failed. As a matter of fact, not only do we guarantee our workmanship, but so does the rating company Diamond Certified that keeps us on our toes requiring us to be customer rated yearly through their stringent audit program. They also qualify that we are insured and that we have no outstanding complaints with local bureaus. We promise not to waste your time or money and will only support your needs in protecting your investments. Long story short, we’re a responsible company that holds ourselves accountable for our actions. We are really excited to introduce you to our new website that better illustrates all the different services we offer. As you can see, Stone and Tile cleaning and polishing services are the first links on our site. This is because our two decades of proven satisfaction in cleaning tile and grout as well as polishing and sealing stone flooring has quickly made these two of our most requested services, however carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and exotic rug cleaning have been our staple services from the beginning.

Please browse around and read more about the services we offer. We are an IICRC certified firm, holding certifications in all 4 methods of cleaning available in the marketplace, and offer the ONLY APPROVED, COMPLIANT, AND RESTORATIVE carpet cleaning method recognized by 95%+ of the worlds carpet manufacturers. In addition, we are one of only a handful of companies in our service area that can uphold your carpets warranty making it difficult for others to compare services.