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Welcome to Start Fresh Restoration

– formerly The Carpet Connoisseurs
Same owner / operator

Hi, this is Scott Sunkel, founder/owner of Carpet Connoisseurs since 1987. After 24 years in business, implementing new services along the way, the name Carpet Connoisseurs no longer fits.  Over the next few years "Start Fresh Restoration" will replace Carpet Connoisseurs, as it better describes all the services we have added. The goal is to erase the stigma associated with our just doing carpet cleaning. With this, we are really excited to introduce you to our new website that better illustrates all the different services we offer.  As you can see, Stone and Tile cleaning and polishing services are the first links on our site.  This is because our expertise in cleaning tile and grout as well as polishing stone flooring has quickly made these two of our most requested services.

The new website also allows for online ordering. We will soon introduce our new professional quality and personalized product line: "home maintenance spotting kits". These environmentally friendly hand-picked spotting kits will help you clean up the small stuff without the expense of a visit from us.  Whether it be pet related issues, household spills, or day-to-day kid grime stuff...we'll have you covered. We feel these spotting kits benefit us both: you will save money by not having to call for the "little" stuff and we are better able to focus on the jobs that need our professional attention. 

To our potential customers, please browse around and read more about the services we offer, the level of customer satisfaction you will receive, view real pictures of our results, and value you will enjoy. We are known for our ability to succeed where most have failed. Our experience in extreme stain removal, on any flooring, upholstery fabric, or exotic rugs, is second to none! We are an IICRC certified firm, holding certifications in all 4 methods of cleaning available in the marketplace, and offer the ONLY APPROVED, COMPLIANT, AND RESTORATIVE method recognized by 95% of the worlds carpet manufacturers. In addition, we are one of only a handful of companies that can uphold your carpets warranty. 

We serve most all cities within Contra Costa County, CA and a few adjoining cities of Alameda County, CA. To schedule an appointment simply give us a call or send an email with your phone number. It is important you include your contact numbers, city, and best time to reach you, as we can't quote you nor book jobs by email effectively...to many variables. We will contact you as soon as we are available to discuss your needs and schedule an appointment. 


We look forward to serving you!

Scott Sunkel,