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Current Discounts

Current Discounts


Our prices are derived from an average price, grouped by zones and listed by category in the Bluebook for Reconstruction and Restoration. It’s put out by the Insurance industry for their adjusters to reference and train from. It’s main purpose is to control price gouging from contractors. We also use it as a guideline and tailor it to reflect charges in our specific area. You’ll find the veteran companies around here all charge accordingly with similar pricing. The book is based on particular zones that span through counties and even states. To date, it’s the most accurate and researched product to base pricing on. We are in zone 1…the most expensive nation wide! So when we offer a discount, it’s a true discount from a company that’s not cutting corners! The point of the sale is to build our customer base with likeminded consumers. We’ll let our work determine our future with you! Weather your service includes carpet cleaning, tile-grout or stone cleaning, exotic rug cleaning or upholstery cleaning, our services will always include the following

  • 2 hour arrival time window or less
  • The only cleaning method approved by manufacturers and one of only a handful of companies qualified to do the work in the bay area.
  • 30+ year owner\operator 2 person IICRC certified crew (Tami and Scott)
  • We use our own purified water (no chlorine or fluoride nor water hook-ups at your home or hidden costs incurred)
  • We pretreat  all surfaces to be cleaned with a multitude of emulsifiers, as needed, for soils specific to YOUR homes needs  Ex: wine, grease, rust, urine, dirt…ALL need different detergents specific to the chemical makeup of the soiling for successful permanent removal. It’s how spots DON’T return! We may be able to treat some seemingly permanent staining at no additional cost as well (depends on the stain) 
  • The only HOT water method available that acts as a sanitizer for soil and bacteria. We use cold water when needed for rugs and upholstery
  • Deep cleaning soil and detergent residue EXTRACTION. This means we remove them for good! No residues means longevity in your cleaning and more importantly, a healthy indoor environment! It also preps your carpets to accept carpet guard so it works as prescribed.
  • We dispose of all we extract. From your house, it goes in our van and is then taken to a drop-off facility.
  • All discounted services carry a minimum charge of $175.00. The charge includes the work but is our minimum! 
  • Combine services for additional discounts



ADD CARPET GUARD TO THE ORDER (RECOMMENDED BY ALL MANUFACTURERS) AND GET ANOTHER 20% OFF!  THATS A TOTAL OF 35% OFF DISCOUNT FOR YOUR CARPET CLEANING. Example: A carpet cleaning with guard (add .15sf for guard) that costs $300.00 regularly would now cost $195.00.  




Our most popular service now. 10% off for our basic cleaning service and a total of 25% discount for our full service on jobs under 1000ft that includes sealing the product, and possibly a bigger discount for jobs over 1000ft! With our basic service, you’ll get the same service mentioned in the bullet points on the carpet cleaning offer above. In the case of tile grout and stone, we use penetrating sealers. You will have a choice of what grade you think would suit your needs for your lifestyle. Prices vary so please call for an informative education of options and actual cost. We’re only interested in your needs and won’t push ours on you, ever!

UPHOLSTERY CLEANING DISCOUNT is a very tedious process and is definitely not a favorite with most cleaners that are just looking for quick money. To us, it’s all the same and has become a specialty service with us. Being in our 31st year in business we’re obviously in this for the long run. Many cleanings take a lot of experience and tricks of the trade to assure the fabric colors remain stable and the outcome exceeds your expectations! But that’s what we go for and as a matter of fact, some of our most satisfying work has been done on upholstery. As you can see from our before and during photo above, we can change your mind about reupholstering that favorite chair or sofa. We’ll clean ANY fabric and do it with confidence. Take 15% off our basic cleaning and another 10% off when you include guard for a total of 25% savings. Example: A sofa cleaning with guard that’s regularly $280.00 would be $210.00. Combine services for additional discounts. Our minimum service charge of $175.00 applies 



EXOTIC RUG CLEANING DISCOUNT is another service that the average carpet scrubber is better off passing on. After all this time in business I find that no two cleanings are alike when it comes to wool and silk rugs. It can be very daunting for those so called professionals that aren’t educated in this art and are then asked to include a Tibetan hand made vegetable dye rug to the wall to wall carpet cleaning. Rug cleaning separates the men from the boys, similar to upholstery cleaning! Having spent many years working flood damage restoration, I have a big advantage in hands on experience that most won’t learn without damaging the rug first. We’ve learned how to reverse dye stain bleeding, control shrinking, and how to remove seemingly permanent staining safely. It makes getting the soil out (including the fringe) second nature to us. However, not so easy for some competitors so they double their price to sub contract the work to a rug cleaning company and still make a buck. All our work can be done safely on location! You’ll find our regular price attractive but our discount for this sale is an eye opener! For this reason, we’re offering 25% off discount on our full service cleaning only, but we’re looking out for you with the amazing guard we offer in this deal! Combine services for additional discounts. Our minimum charge of $175.00 applies