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Carpet Cleaning

Serving the Greater Contra Costa County

Thanks for considering Start Fresh Restoration to be your carpet cleaning service. Start Fresh Restoration has been cleaning carpet since 1987 as The Carpet Connoisseurs.  There is little we haven't seen. We are absolutely confident we can bring life back to even the dirtiest of carpets.

Misconceptions about Cleansers:

It is important to understand that a residue is a residue no matter if its a general cleanser or a so called green cleanser. Both need to be rinsed out thouroughly to prevent pre-mature soiling and ultimately creating an unhealthy indoor environment. Contrary to popular belief, due to lack of integrity in our industry and what you are being told, ALL cleaning companies use chemicals, or nothing would come clean again! Just because it may be a environmentally friendly product or green product we use, it is still a chemical. So if you want us to use a green chemical, or EPA registered VOC compliant chemical (detergents), it really doesn't matter because in the end, everything is rinsed out in the extraction process with water, just like your dishes, cloths, or your hair is rinsed after using whatever chemical you used to break down the soiling on it. By the way, "water" is the most widely used solvent...did you know? Lastly, for the record, cleaning detergents we use are far safer than the regular household detergents we use daily to bath in, and you'll never even touch them. We would be happy to use what ever kind of product you'd prefer. We understand people have reactions and are sensitive to different chemicals and we can make sure you get what you need, not to upset your balance.   

Method of choice:

We use the latest truck mounted technology and use only the highest quality industry leading (and safest) detergents to completely remove all soils and detergent residues from your carpet, including green environmentally responsible cleansers. Your carpet will be left residue free and will dry in a matter of hours, not days, EVEN IN RAINY WEATHER.

As one of the pioneers of professional carpet cleaning in the lafayette, Walnut Creek, Alamo, Danville San Ramon corridor, doing responsible carpet cleaning and being part of the discovery and evolution of carpet cleaning 50 year history, we can honestly say we greatly participated in its revolutionary evolution period. We are proud to say we have been an ongoing leader and will continue to help educate those in our industry as well as the public. We know tricks of the trade as well as proper mixing and neutralizing techniques, and what is compatible for use together for safety around children and pets that most will need years on the job to discover. Not only are we a fully certified company by the IICRC in all cleaning methods and techniques (The IICRC is the non-profit Guardian of the cleaning and restoration industry), but our method and reputation as a quality Carpet, upholstery, tile, grout, stone and dryer vent cleaner has earned us the title of one of the few Manufacture Warranty Approved Firms in our area. With that said, Steam Cleaning (known as hot water extraction), combined with our method and education, is the ONLY method approved by manufactures (See Shaw Industries flooring care guidelines and approved firms http://shawfloors.com/tips-trends/luxurious-carpet/carpet-care) and the only method we use.

Free Estimates:

While our prices may seem a little higher than other companies within Contra Costa County, we offer a true value for your money. The adage that you “get what you pay for” is as true to carpet cleaning as it is for anything you can buy. Most soils can be extracted with our standard service and “Scotch Guard” is always applied after cleaning. We will give you a complete written estimate prior to getting started and we will highlight any areas that may require additional attention.

Customer Satisfaction:

We are one of the few companies that have been rated extremely high in customer satisfaction by three separate ratings companies: Diamond Certified, Angie's List, and Better Business Bureau. Our reputation as a quality service provider is so respected that even Diamond Certified will guarantee our workmanship with a money back guarantee if you're not satisfied (per conditions stated on your contract).