Stone, Tile, and Grout Cleaning Services

Discover the unparalleled quality of our tile cleaning, grout cleaning, stone cleaning, honing, polishing, and sealing services at Start Fresh Restoration. Our stone, grout, and tile cleaning services stand as the pinnacle of our offerings, ensuring your surfaces regain their pristine appearance and optimal condition.

Making Lasting Impressions

Selecting Tile or Stone flooring for the entry of your home is a choice often made to create impactful first impressions. Demonstrating pride of ownership involves presenting guests with a rejuvenated and 'new' look that speaks volumes. As time passes, stone and tile flooring loses its luster, and grout develops a darker color due to the accumulation of dirt and particulates etched into the surface. Mopping, unfortunately, tends to accentuate this discoloration.

Risks of DIY Maintenance

DIY grout, tile or stone cleaning can be counterproductive. Available cleansers used absorb into grout pits and microscopic pores in the stone that can't be extracted will leave residues resulting in surface yellowing. The residues become magnets for embedded soil promoting premature soiling. Homeowners lack access to the right cleansers and equipment, making effective cleaning and sealing virtually impossible.. More importantly, there is no doubt DIY available cleansers are leaving toxins, emulsifying grout and leave you with minimal results.This underscores the importance of engaging professionals equipped with cutting edge tools that specialize in compatible clean and rinse procedures. Theres no substitute for professional results here. Start Fresh Restoration has your back! 

A vacuum cleaner on the floor with red border
A tile floor being cleaned by a professional cleaner.

Professional Excellence

Optimal appearance and protection of your investment are ensured through regular maintenance by our professionals. Attempting DIY restoration of stone or tile flooring without professional products, proper equipment, and expertise can lead to substantial damage to pre-existing sealers and grout, resulting in costly repairs. Save both time and effort by relying on professionals for superior results.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our multistep restoration process employs cutting-edge technology and machinery to achieve remarkable results in restoring tile, stone, and grout colors. These porous materials, prone to dirt and grime absorption, benefit from effective cleaning and sealing. Sealing is crucial for protecting your investment against water and oil-based stains. The sealer acts as a barrier, preventing spills from penetrating the porous surface and providing ample time for cleanup. With easy clean-ups, new installations become an opportune time to seal your floor.

A close up of some marble tiles
A close up of the floor tiles in a room

Free Estimates

We provide real value for your investment in Stone and Tile Floor Restoration. As the saying goes, "You get what you pay for," and our complete written estimates highlight the comprehensive scope of our services. Contact us via phone or email to schedule your estimate, and we will identify any areas that may require additional attention.